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The Email Success Summit course gives you 41 speaker sessions led by email marketing experts, authors, proven entrepreneurs and industry influencers.

The course is built from sessions recorded for the Email Success Summit and takes you through the 7 phases of Email Marketing Success:

Traffic & Lead Magnets, List Growth, Copywriting, Relationship Building, Sequences & Campaigns, Deliverability & Cold Emailing, and Profiting.

This course will transform the way you use email for your business – whether you are new to email marketing or have years of experience.


Get your Free Email Marketing Pack, the ultimate starter guide to email marketing success. You get free access to one session from the Email Success Summit, a toolkit to convert leads from email, and a special invite to join 500+ experts in a private community.


Industry thought leaders who share their tricks at the Email Success Summit. You can now get access to all 41 sessions.

Paul Sokol

Automated Experience Expert at Infusionsoft - has designed automated marketing strategies since 2008. Architected a launch hitting six figure in less than two weeks. Successfully uses automated emails to bands to help them promote his charity's annual music festival

Erik Harbison

Chief Marketing Officer at AWeber - executing digital marketing solutions for top brands in the consumer & B2B market. Use automated email series to increase conversion of leads to trials by more than 200%

Bob Jenkins

Manager of Marketing Education at LeadPages - has trained thousands of entrepreneurs on list building strategies. Grew his personal email list to 30,000+ and contributed to LeadPages quick growth using his email marketing strategies.

Brendan Dubbels

Lead postmaster & deliverability expert at ONTRAPORT - specializes in conversion and inbox placement strategy. Serial entrepreneur with unique insight in the do's and don't in email marketing due to analyzing and overseeing the sending of over 3 billion emails / year.

Steve Olsher

Founder at Liquor.com - an online pioneer with vast experience of email marketing. Used email marketing strategies to grow his personal list to 60,000 subscribers and Liquor.com's to 1.5 million.

Rob Walling

Co-founder at Drip - one of the fastest growing email marketing & automation tools on the market. Serial entrepreneur, podcaster, blogger & author with 10 years of experience teaching entrepreneurs how to build, launch & grow startups.

Joe De Sena

Founder at Spartan Race - has a lifetime's experience in entrepreneurship, building a multimillion-dollar business in college. Joe De Sena's next phase centres on transforming the lives of 1 million obstacle race enthusiasts participating in the worldwide held Spartan Races, using email to market the event.

Steve Chou

CEO at MyWifeQuitHerJob.com - hardware engineer by day & entrepreneur by night. With 200,000 monthly visitors & a list of 65,000 subscribers, Steve made $700,000 last year from his blog of which 90% was directly attributed to email marketing.

Joanna Wiebe

Founder at Copy Hackers - conversion copywriting expert with a track record of campaigns with open rates of <90% & a decade of experience writing & testing emails for companies as QuickBooks, Invision & Quick Sprout.

Liam Austin

Founder of Small Today - Award-winning entrepreneur featured in Inc, BRW and The Australian he recently grew his email list by 15,000 in less than 2 months through online training events.

Ana Hoffman

Founder at Traffic Generation Cafe - website/blog generation strategies expert & SEO consultant. Brought her business up from an unknown blog to an under 20K Alexa ranking site in under 6 months; under 12K in under 8 months.

Perry Marshall

Owner at Perry S Marshall & Associates - Best-selling Author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing. Consults companies on generating sales leads, web traffic, & maximizing marketing results. At $2,000/hour he’s one of the world’s most expensive & sought-after marketing consultants with waiting lists for his top coaching groups.

Danny Iny

Founder of Mirasee - podcast host, best selling author, angel investor & creator of acclaimed training programs which have together graduated over 4,000 value-driven online entrepreneurs.

Kristi Hines

Founder at Kristi Hines Media LLC - freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter helping businesses develop high-quality blog content, eBooks, and lead magnets.

Andre Chaperon

Email marketer & entrepreneur - visionary, email follow-up sequence expert with customers as Frank Kern, Ryan Levesque and Jeff Walker. Made $77,000 from an affiliate promotion from a list of only 2,058 people.

Daniel Levis

President at Levis International Marketing - copywriter & marketing consultant specializing in creating high-converting email follow up campaigns for sales funnel optimization & list profit maximization writing sales campaigns bringing in as much as $16 per subscriber.

James Tuckerman

Founded one of Australia's highest circulating business magazines in his twenties but 'ditched print' to pursue digital in 2009. He is responsible for digital ventures including Anthill Magazine, Entrepornography.com and the Not-So-Freaky University

Travis Ketchum

Founder of ContestDomination - lead generation expert & trainer focusing on actionable metrics. Using case studies, contests & affiliates, Travis help over 20,000 businesses harness the power of contests for their online business.

Bryan Kreuzberger

Founder of BreakthroughEmail.com - his email system has helped over 32,000 clients generate thousands of meetings with decision makers & closing $1.5 billion in sales. Has written & tested 15,000 personalized emails bringing in $20M in business with clients such as McDonald's & Mastercard.

Ben Settle

Founder of BenSettle.com - email marketing specialist helping business owners double their incomes selling with email. Earns half a million dollar per year, working an average of an hour (or less) per day.

Jason Swenk

Founder of JasonSwenk.com - marketing agency consultant, advisor & digital marketing speaker. Built a 7 figure business in under 1 year, serving over 3,000 people in 23 countries attributing a huge part of his success to email marketing.

Michael Leander

Founder of Markedu - international speaker, marketing trainer & consultant focusing on CRM, customer strategy, customer loyalty, marketing automation & social media.

Chris Cichon

Marketing at Boomerang - has educated thousands of people on email productiveness and been a key part of building the world's leading email productivity software with over 3 million users.

Joel Comm

CEO at Joel Comm, Inc. - best-selling author, keynote speaker & social influencer. New media marketing strategist & email marketing pioneer using email as a cornerstone of his many successful business ventures since 1995.

Navid Moazzez

Founder of Virtual Summit Mastery - lifestyle entrepreneur & virtual summit expert. Navid generated $40K in one month with only 3600 subscribers on his list & has since made hundreds of thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing & course sales through email marketing.

Martin Shervington

Founder of Plus Your Business - speaker, author & consultant. With a background in organizational psychology, Martin is an expert in building & tracking funnels. Have generated ongoing 30,000 unique visitors to his marketing blog, generating his email subscribers list.

Leon Jay

Founder at FusionHQ & Sendfish - information & affiliate marketing expert focusing on mail funnels & landing page building. Built multiple large lists & used email for launches generating 6 and 7 figures multiple times.

Matthew Paulson

Founder at MarketBeat - serial entrepreneur, author and email marketing expert. Built an email list of 310,000 investors in the last 4 years, generating $2.7 million per year primarily using email marketing.

Drew Sanocki

Founding Partner Empire Growth Group - Ecommerce growth advisor & blogger. Drew's marketing automation and customer segmentation rules have driven over $100 million in transactions in 2015.

Scott Oldford

Strategy & direction at Infinitus - online email expert helping entrepreneurs grow their business with online marketing funnels. Grew his email list from 2,600 to 42,000 in 16 months.

Jeremy Montoya

Founder and List Building Specialist at Jeremy Montoya - helping clients and students to grow strong email lists of responsive fans & customers. Started one of his first product launches with a small list of 200 people & still managed to generate $5400+ in revenue.

John McIntyre

Founder and CEO at ReEngager - lifecycle & email marketing, helping online retailers & eCommerce stores increase their revenue with advanced email marketing programs

Mark Asquith

Director at HACKSAW - entrepreneur ensuring clients marketing objectives and implementation, speaker & host of the UK's #1 small business podcast, Excellence Expected. His highest grossing email was an email to 180 subscribers, with a 74% open rate that generated over £14,000.

Robert Tyson

Founder of The Tyson Report - online & direct marketing expert & author. Started a 3 person front-room startup that in 5 years reached sales around $8M and a listing on the London Stock Market - only made possible by email marketing. Raised £15m direct from private investors via email with no track record.

Justin McGill

Founder of LeadFuze - automating lead generation for B2B sales reps. Built a 7 figure digital marketing agency as well as a SaaS product helping marketing agencies manage multiple campaigns & teams and generated over six figures in our first year in business from cold emails we've sent.

Christie Hamilton

CEO at Benelds - small business automation expert & speaker on marketing a local business globally, building online communities & positioning your business through successful partnerships & JVs. She's helped hundreds of Australian small businesses fix holes in their business buckets creating full customer life-cycle email marketing strategies.

Doberman Dan

Founder of The Doberman Dan Letter - publisher, best selling author & direct marketing strategist. 30-year serial entrepreneur and direct response copywriter. In the business he started from his kitchen table in 2004 and sold in 2012, email regularly generated mid 5-figures to 6-figures in monthly sales.

Greg Hickman

Founder and CEO of System.ly - blogger, podcaster & speaker, customizing sales funnel & marketing automation for entrepreneurs & small businesses. Using marketing automation & email he built a list for hist service business of about 5k people and we generate between $10-$20k/month in revenue.

Casey Armstrong

CEO of Full Stack Marketer - experienced startup executive &marketer focusing on customer acquisition, retention & revenue growth at several top technology startups. Have built several 6-figure lists, including a side project that grew from 35,000 to 135,000 in the past year.

Sherri-Lee Woycik

Facebook Marketing Expert, Trainer and Coach helping entrepreneurs to grow a thriving, sustainable business & nurture an engage email list. 2015 her goal was to grow her list and Sherri added 800 people, contributing to adding another 30K to her business in 3 short months.

Anthony John Amyx

Coach/Consultant at Amyx - has used email marketing to host profitable virtual summits. Has once generated $16,000 whilst growing his list of 2,400 in just two weeks.

Nick Quick

Email marketing expert at Email Marketing Done - copywriter and email marketing strategy expert who know how to write converting emails , for himself as well as for his clients. With his method, you will be generating leads that not only will buy, they will stay on your list.

Hear how experts use email
to get featured in the media


Tired of getting no results? Then this is for you. A journey to get conversions and sales using email.


To me, the answer is obvious. 2.5 billion people use email, that’s nearly a third of the world’s population. Even more telling is that 122 billion emails are sent every hour. Why, because it works. 85% of US retailers consider email marketing one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics.

If you want more customers you need to be using email. It’s cost effective, personal, customisable, action orientated, measurable and fantastic for customer acquisition.

How does it compare, well most internet users (nearly 90%) are also email users, while only 70% have a social-media account. If you’re not using email then you are missing out on communicating with potential customers.


  • People who are beginners on email

  • People who want to use email to generate leads for their business

  • People who have a general understanding of how email works, but want to hear the strategies of the experts

  • People who want to grow a quality email list

  • People who want the full training on how to design, develop, send and track email marketing campaigns

  • People who want the fundamentals behind email copywriting, email deliverability, email marketing strategy and more


Create email campaigns that generates and converts traffic

How to write emails that build credibility and trust

The experts’ top email marketing tips

How to structure your email to maximize conversions

Attract new subscribers happy to make referrals

Build a massive email list

Conversions tricks for your email copywriting

Turn your existing list into buyers

Generate leads from email without being spammy

Position yourself as a likeable and approachable expert

Create email campaigns that generate traffic and convert

Maximize results with a tight email marketing strategy

Get featured in the media using secret email templates

Secure partnerships to skyrocket your growth

How to convert leads from email into profit


Organisations who support entrepreneurs


Get your Free Email Marketing Pack, the ultimate starter guide to email marketing success. You get free access to one session from the Email Success Summit, a toolkit to convert leads from email, and a special invite to join 500+ experts in a private community.

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We respect your privacy and value our new relationship - we'll never share your info.