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What Is the Email Success Summit?

The Email Success Summit is all about how to generate leads, convert sales and profit from Email.
Attendees will learn from 40+ experts including Email Influencers, Authors, Entrepreneurs and Industry leaders who will transform the way you think about and use Email.


What Attendees Get:


Free Pass 

  • Access to each speaker session for 48 hours


All-Access Pass

  • All-Access Pass

  • Lifetime access to all video replays


VIP Access Pass

  • Lifetime access to all video replays

  • Lifetime access to downloadable audio (MP3)

  • Lifetime access to fast-track program

  • Action Guides

  • Email Marketing Playbook

  • Private Q&A

  • Private FB group



What Can I Earn?

The Email Success Summit is a FREE event, but there are lots of opportunities for you to make money. You will be promoting something super valuable and free to your audience – while making money. Awesome, right?

How you will make money:

✓ 50% on all upsells of the All-Access Pass (from $97) and the VIP Access Pass (from $397). 

✓ You have been given a LIFETIME affiliate ID, so you will make money months or even years from now on traffic you send.


A Small Sample of Our 40+ Lineup

Speakers include Email Influencers, Authors, Entrepreneurs and Industry leaders


Paul Sokol

Automated Experience Expert at Infusionsoft - has designed automated marketing strategies since 2008. Architected a launch hitting six figure in less than two weeks. Successfully uses automated emails to bands to help them promote his charity's annual music festival

Erik Harbison

Chief Marketing Officer at AWeber - executing digital marketing solutions for top brands in the consumer & B2B market. Use automated email series to increase conversion of leads to trials by more than 200%

Bob Jenkins

Manager of Marketing Education at LeadPages - has trained thousands of entrepreneurs on list building strategies. Grew his personal email list to 30,000+ and contributed to LeadPages quick growth using his email marketing strategies.

Brendan Dubbels

Lead postmaster & deliverability expert at ONTRAPORT - specializes in conversion and inbox placement strategy. Serial entrepreneur with unique insight in the do's and don't in email marketing due to analyzing and overseeing the sending of over 3 billion emails / year.

Steve Olsher

Founder at - an online pioneer with vast experience of email marketing. Used email marketing strategies to grow his personal list to 60,000 subscribers and's to 1.5 million.

Rob Walling

Co-founder at Drip - one of the fastest growing email marketing & automation tools on the market. Serial entrepreneur, podcaster, blogger & author with 10 years of experience teaching entrepreneurs how to build, launch & grow startups.

Joe De Sena

Founder at Spartan Race - has a lifetime's experience in entrepreneurship, building a multimillion-dollar business in college. Joe De Sena's next phase centres on transforming the lives of 1 million obstacle race enthusiasts participating in the worldwide held Spartan Races, using email to market the event.

Steve Chou

CEO at - hardware engineer by day & entrepreneur by night. With 200,000 monthly visitors & a list of 65,000 subscribers, Steve made $700,000 last year from his blog of which 90% was directly attributed to email marketing.

How to get on the leaderboard?
Follow this winning formula…

  • Offer an awesome bonus for signing up through your link, something supporting the content of the Email Success Summit.

  • Email at least two times before the summit begins. 

  • Email on March 14 (Summit starts TODAY), March 14 (last day to register and get access to ALL of the speakers), March 23 (price increases tomorrow), March 23 (promoting wrap up session with special deal surprise), March 24 (last day to watch summit for free/wrap up w. special offer), March 26 (Last day, price increase tomorrow)

  • Share on social media frequently! Share about speakers, topics, what they can learn etc. Keep up the excitement – that draws in the crowds. Use the swipe copy and graphics provided to make it quick and easy!

  • If you are a speaker, mail on the day before your session and a few hours before you session goes live. We will send you a reminder the day before. 


Commission Details

✓ Affiliate commission on All-Access pass upsells are 50% of net sales (gross sales – refunds = net sales)

✓ Commissions will be paid out 45 days after the end of a month in which a sale is made. So if someone buys an upgrade on March 30, you are paid on May 14

✓ With your lifetime affiliate link, you will continue to make money long after the end of the Summit.

✓ Find all your affiliate copy and images in your private dropbox

House Rules

✓ No cash incentives  

✓ No prizes that you have to buy or pay for, no electronics gifts, none of that kind of thing

✓ No teaming up with others

✓ No cookie stuffing/cookie dropping

✓ No spamming

✓ You must not portray yourself as me in your marketing efforts, but make clear that you are a partner

✓ You can be disqualified from this affiliate program if you’re not following the above listed rules


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We are excited to have you as a partner for the Email Success Summit!