How to avoid the spam folder and get your emails prioritized

21 Mar 2016

How to avoid the spam folder and get your emails prioritized

Brendan Dubbels Lead postmaster & deliverability expert at ONTRAPORT – specializes in conversion and inbox placement strategy. Serial entrepreneur with unique insight in the do’s and don’t in email marketing due to analyzing and overseeing the sending of over 3 billion emails / year.

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Key takeaways:

  • The first step for a marketer that wants to see how well they place in the inbox and how to fix it
  • Re-engagement campaigns for your automation platform
  • Learn about your email reputation, does your name matter?
  • How to know if your domain or brand has been blacklisted and ways to prevent it
  • The go-to tools and sites worth checking for your email deliverability
  • Email deliverability issues and how you can avoid them
  • What will it take to make it into the inbox 5 years from now

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