Best performing email sequences for your ultimate goal

18 Mar 2016

Best performing email sequences for your ultimate goal

Robert Tyson is the founder of The Tyson Report – online & direct marketing expert & author. Started a 3 person front-room startup that in 5 years reached sales around $8M and a listing on the London Stock Market – only made possible by email marketing. Raised £15m direct from private investors via email with no track record.

Key takeaways:

  • The mistakes most small business owners make with their email copy
  • How having one big idea in your email can change your lists mindset about your message
  • Proven formulas for writing engaging emails
  • Are you asking your customers enough? How often should you follow up with email?
  • Learn the best way to use automated emails
  • Opt-ins? Learn Robert’s best ways to get email opt-ins

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