Evergreen launch email system for consistent cashflow

21 Mar 2016

Evergreen launch email system for consistent cashflow

Leon Jay is the founder at FusionHQ & Sendfish – information & affiliate marketing expert focusing on mail funnels & landing page building. Built multiple large lists & used email for launches generating 6 and 7 figures multiple times.

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Key takeaways:

  • Discover what an email funnel system is,how is it different from an autoresponder and why it’s so important
  • Learn what Evergreen launch is and the advantages and disadvantages over a normal launch and how it can give you a consistent cash flow
  • Tools you need to do to create an Evergreen launch
  • Build an effective evergreen launch and how to you use an autoresponder in the process
  • Why you should give away an e-course rather than a free ebook or report as the lead magnet on a landing page

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