DAY 1 – Traffic And Lead Magnets

The life-time perspective: The importance of a long term plan and commitment in email marketing

  • The most common costly mistakes in email marketing
  • Importance of planning: the main components that should be addressed in a solid plan
  • Acquisition: Importance of ‘Welcome flow’
  • How to deal with the pressure of constant content creating

Michael Leander

Founder, Markedu

9:00 am ET

How to generate traffic to attract high quality subscriber

  • Ways to generate traffic to attract high quality subscribers to your website
  • How to nurture and retain your traffic for future offers
  • The mechanics of building an email list – it is not intimidating, it’s easy
  • What lead magnets work best and increase conversions

Ana Hoffman

Founder, Traffic Generation Cafe

10:00 am ET

Converting your adwords and paid traffic into quality lead

  • How you can use Google Plus to build your email list and build relationship
  • Learn why and what should you invest in top email softwares
  • Start building your own funnel
  • How well does Social Media work
  • Learn what will happen with over automating your emails

Martin Shervington

Founder, Plus Your Business

11:00 am ET

Create a killer lead magnet to get response

  • How to come up with the right lead magnet topic
  • How to target a quality audience and drive traffic to your lead magnet
  • How long your lead magnets should be and how they can build trust
  • Options that everyone can use for lead magnets depending on your business
  • Grow a quality email list by promoting your lead magnets using these tips

Kristi Hines

Founder, Kristi Hines Media LLC

12:00 pm ET

Double your email list with lead magnets that convert

  • The 3 types of lead magnets that are driving the highest conversion rates
  • How can business owners get more email subscribers from their blog content
  • Find out why LeadPages experimented with giving away courses most people would pay for
  • Should you opt-in your list to your new courses? Bob says “YES and NO”
  • What’s the secret sauce to turning a lead magnet subscriber into a customer

Bob Sparkins

Manager of Marketing Education, LeadPages

2:00 pm ET

Unlocking the list you already have

  • Unlock the 2,000-3,000 emails you already have
  • How to reengage to start building and impacting
  • Funnel tips for a high percentage sign-up rate
  • The 3 most important emails you will ever send
  • Ultimate online transaction goals you need to know

James Tuckerman

Founder, Anthill Magazine

3:00 pm ET

DAY 2 – List Growth

Battle of the buttons: Negative consequences and ethical bribe

  • What to bare in mind when trying to make people opt-in, the ethical way
  • Best performing email for copy and bait examples
  • How you can use value and action with your button’s positioning
  • Copy is always important and how to do it right
  • Learn email psychology – things you don’t know
  • Joanna knows about copywriting. Learn her tips on how to create your first copy

Joanna Wiebe

Founder, Copy Hackers

9:00 am ET

Email capture best practices to engaged raving fans

  • 3 things businesses should STOP doing when it comes to building an engaged email audience
  • Most effective tactics for a signup form that generates strong conversion rates
  • Things businesses should be preparing for in 2016, and beyond for successful email campaigns
  • Subject lines – What are your goals? What works? What should businesses be testing?
  • Tools or resources that every business should be using when building an engaged email

Erik Harbison

Chief Marketing Officer, AWeber

10:00 am ET

System to double your daily email opt-ins

  • How did Steve Chou double his email signups to 300 per day
  • Increase your email conversions by 3X following these tips
  • Know the effects of sending emails using two different services
  • Single Optin forms, what is working and not
  • How do you structure your autoresponder to boost affiliate revenue and the contents you include

Steve Chou

CEO, My Wife Quit Her Job

11:00 am ET

Leverage partner audiences to rapidly grow your email list

  • Learn how you can grow your email list rapidly using summits and partnerships
  • Increase your optins: 3 tactics to high conversions
  • Start with the right tools for the right conversion
  • The funnel of a virtual summit explained by Navid Moazzez
  • How to continue to grow your list and generate sales from it, even after the summit

Navid Moazzez

Founder, Virtual Summit Mastery

12:00 pm ET

Collaborate your way to rapid list growth

  • leverages the power of email marketing
  • Partnership – Promotion – use this as a registration
  • Learn about how you build relationship with your partner companies
  • Segmenting, the most underutilized, undervalued and simplest thing to that you can do to move from revenue to engagement perspective
  • The best investment for your email is not a tool

Steve Olsher

Founder, Liquor

2:00 pm ET

Contests: A proven system for generating sales

  • What is Travis take on million unqualified versus a thousand qualified subscribers
  • Tips on how you can run a contest where you can generate a few leads but have an outcome of revenue
  • Process to run your own online contest
  • Numbers, questions and information you need from your leads when they sign up and how you can personalize it
  • Pitfalls and mistakes you should avoid when running your contest via email

Travis Ketchum

Founder, Contest Domination

3:00 pm ET

DAY 3 – Copywriting

Tactics to craft emails that demand attention and inspire action

  • Daniel’s best advice to grow your list quickly
  • How many times you can send an email without destroying the relationship with your list
  • The proper mix of content versus pitch emails in order to maximize revenue
  • Text versus HTML and using images. Learn the campaigns that work well
  • How email marketers can improve their open and click-through rates

Daniel Levis

President, Levis International Marketing

9:00 am ET

Story-powered emails with the unique power of moving hearts & minds to connect, persuade & influence

  • What’s an open loop email and how you can use them
  • What happens after the sequence has completed
  • Why 95% of the emails Andre sends are autoresponder emails (not broadcasts)
  • How telling and writing stories with your email works
  • How segmenting your list boosts engagement and prevents unsubscribes
  • Email sequence and loop tricks from Andre

Andre Chaperon

Email marketer & entrepreneur

10:00 am ET

Anatomy of an email that converts prospects into loyal customers

  • How you begin emailing your list
  • The best way to guarantee that new (and current) subscribers open your emails
  • Jeremy’s process to line up emails, stories, sell and track them and the things that work
  • Use emails to attract your service based clients
  • Biggest mistake being made by most content/ online marketers

Jeremy Montoya

List Building Specialist, Jeremy Montoya

11:00 am ET

Automated experience design: copywriting to scale and humanizing relationships

  • Core foundations and ground level problems you must know
  • Email series, funnel, follow up and touch points you want to focus for your new customer
  • Tricks you can use to make it harder for people to figure out an email was automated
  • When should you use fancy branded emails with images and plain black and white
  • What should you measure to intelligently improve email efforts
  • Mad scientist explains how important is list hygiene

Paul Sokol

Automated Experience Expert, Infusionsoft

12:00 pm ET

Secrets of writing the perfect email to get a response (a review of 40 million emails)

  • How to get more opens and responses to your emails
  • Subject lines with the most opens and what you should include
  • Tips on writing your email that are based on data
  • The best time to send an email based on data and your options
  • 3 tips to be more productive in managing your emails
  • Help your recipients be more productive in email, learn about follow up messages
  • Check on the best tools to manage your emails

Chris Cichon

Marketing, Boomerang

2:00 pm ET

Build deep relationships using your personality

  • Mark Asquith’s top indicators and milestones to make a change
  • Segment: The perfect tool to test what’s really working for you
  • How to bring your personality forward to represent your brand in your emails – for small as well as big businesses
  • Earn the right to sell with people & tips to not be scared
  • Best recommendations on how to sign off your emails

Mark Asquith

Director, HACKSAW

3:00 pm ET

DAY 4 – Relationship Building

The forgotten philosophy to retain subscribers

  • Understand the culture of email
  • Perry Marshall’s secret philosophy to retain subscribers from his list
  • A “cut the vein and bleed” approach to transparency and vulnerability in your emails – storytelling is everything
  • Traffic is difficult but here are 3 steps to quality traffic for your email
  • Understand the perceived value from your giveaway on your landing page

Perry Marshall

Owner, Perry S Marshall & Associates

9:00 am ET

Mindset modeling: Be more relevant to your audience

  • Grow your email list using organic, paid traffic and partnerships
  • The lead generation and email marketing method called SSF
  • The system of email marketing (sidewalk and fast lane email stream) and what to put in the email
  • How will you use different methods; Behaviour, Content Consumption and Surveying to become more relevant?

Scott Oldford

Strategy & direction, Infinitus

10:00 am ET

Transform lives through your relationship and brand

  • How to go from a hobby to a full time business
  • How important are social media channels to get a million people when promoting events
  • Learn how Joe encourages his list to be a Spartan
  • Authenticity and promoting your life in your business
  • The grid of determination and resilience of a successful entrepreneur

Joe De Sena

Founder, Spartan Race

11:00 am ET

Supercharge your authority and list with live video

  • How email affects your business, learn the importance of email for you
  • Why email is the best method to building a relationship with your list
  • Video is the new era of building a fan base and engaging that can drive conversions
  • Learn the best time to deliver your offer in your video broadcast to get conversions
  • The future of email

Joel Comm

CEO, Joel Comm

12:00 pm ET

3 proven Twitter tactics to add subscribers daily

  • The proven Twitter marketing plan to build your list
  • How to grow your Twitter followers and your authority in your industry
  • Manage your Twitter lead magnet and how often it should change
  • Set up your meetings and sales calls using Twitter (at the right time)
  • How did AJ boost his show up rate on your webinars by 20%

Anthony John Amyx

Coach/Consultant, Amyx

2:00 pm ET

Email everyday to build a healthy and hot prospect list

  • How a business can sell a commodity using email and keep clients interested
  • Marketing tips you can use when selling your products using email
  • Are you terrible at writing emails? Learn how you can make your emails pop
  • Look for continuity of sales by selling memberships or subscriptions, and how you can play with affiliate emailing to make money
  • Why you should send emails every day versus once or twice a week
  • If you have a list and a product to sell, then follow these steps
  • Do’s and Don’t’s for your emails

Ben Settle

Founder, Ben Settle

3:00 pm ET

DAY 5 – Sequences And Campaigns

Opening volley sequence: the most profitable emails you’ll ever send

  • The money is not in the list but in the relationship
  • Come up with great daily email topics, EVERYDAY
  • Subject lines, they can’t help opening and devouring your email, here are Nick’s top tips
  • Set up a campaign so they’re excited to hear from you from the get-go (“The Opening Volley Sequence”)

Nick Quick

Marketing Expert, Email Marketing Done

9:00 am ET

Plan and execute 5 simple campaigns

  • The defining features you see in businesses that are successful in marketing automation
  • Learn step-by-step how you plan and execute specific campaigns
  • Foundational campaigns every business can benefit from
  • Newsletters vs. Education campaigns (And never writing newsletter emails again)
  • Learn the techniques to go from old-fashioned to automated

Christie Hamilton

CEO, Benelds

10:00 am ET

Best performing email sequences for your ultimate goal

  • The mistakes most small business owners make with their email copy
  • How having one big idea in your email can change your lists mindset about your message
  • Proven formulas for writing engaging emails
  • Are you asking your customers enough? How often should you follow up with email?
  • Learn the best way to use automated emails
  • Opt-ins? Learn Robert’s best ways to get email opt-ins

Robert Tyson

Founder, The Tyson Report

11:00 am ET

Blueprints for behavioral emails that convert

  • Email hacks and quick wins that drive conversions from Drip’s founder
  • Statistics that backup why you should segment your list and must have segments
  • Direct call to action subject lines versus query types, how does this affect clicks and revenue
  • The future of emailing and segmenting your list
  • Blueprints for behavioral emails that convert

Rob Walling

Co-founder, Drip

12:00 pm ET

Marketing automation as an employee, not software

  • The importance of marketing automation for online entrepreneurs
  • The key tools for marketing automation you can start using today
  • One of the most effective emails you will see that works (The Forward Follow up Formula)
  • If you are an online entrepreneur, here are the key marketing funnels you need
  • The proven email series “The webinar funnel blueprint”

Greg Hickman

Founder and CEO,

2:00 pm ET

Milestone marketing has killed your funnel

  • Contingency explained on every campaign and why is it important
  • Progressive profiling thank you pages, learn to tag your lists to target them better
  • Milestone marketing, how to get familiar with the process
  • What you are doing wrong with your funnel and what you should be doing
  • What Jason is doing differently with his email marketing that no one else is doing (and oh is it working!)

Jason Swenk

Founder, Jason Swenk

3:00 pm ET

E-commerce email marketing to skyrocket sales

  • How important it is to implement life-cycle marketing in ecommerce
  • Campaigns eCommerce stores should be using
  • How the welcome email is your highest revenue generating email in any campaign and strategy
  • Are you still sending a catalogue of your products?
  • Don’t think that your business is doing well enough, here’s what to do

John McIntyre

Founder, ReEngager

4:00 pm ET

DAY 6 – Deliverability And Cold Emailing

Segment your way to deep engagement

  • Relationships are not disposable
  • Understand engagement devices, this is an investment opportunity
  • Learn how you can increase your statistics by asking people to unsubscribe
  • The balance of segmenting
  • The battle of sending an email everyday vs. not

Danny Iny

Founder, Mirasee

9:00 am ET

Factors affecting your email deliverability and its impact

  • How does email deliverability impact to make money on your email list
  • The tools and ways you want to do to see how many of your emails are delivered right
  • Know more about how email service providers works
  • Learn how you can maintain a clean and healthy email list and get your reputation kick high
  • Deal with this, are you blacklisted? Here’s what to do
  • Mistakes you should take note with your email deliverability

Matthew Paulson

Founder, MarketBeat

10:00 am ET

How to avoid the spam folder and get your emails prioritized

  • The first step for a marketer that wants to see how well they place in the inbox and how to fix it
  • Re-engagement campaigns for your automation platform
  • Learn about your email reputation, does your name matter?
  • How to know if your domain or brand has been blacklisted and ways to prevent it
  • The go-to tools and sites worth checking for your email deliverability
  • Email deliverability issues and how you can avoid them

Brendan Dubbels

Lead postmaster, ONTRAPORT

11:00 am ET

RIP cold calling: QVC framework to unlimited leads with cold email

  • Learn about cold email and how is it different from traditional email marketing
  • Best legal cold email practices you should know
  • Your options for using your automation email marketing software to cold email
  • Discover things you should avoid with your cold email marketing
  • Don’t be afraid to test cold emails, learn this powerful system

Justin McGill

Founder, LeadFuze

12:00 pm ET

7 steps to get any meeting using cold email

  • Learn the power of cold email and how you can leverage it
  • How to get referrals from your prospects boss with the “Waterfall Technique”
  • What the copy of your email should look like when cold emailing
  • Learn how to fish for your prospects – Understand the nuance of what leads your customers to buy right before they reach out to you
  • Learn email psychology – things you don’t know
  • Warm up now, learn how to approach your meeting and be welcomed

Bryan Kreuzberger

Founder, Breakthrough Email

2:00 pm ET

Evergreen launch email system for consistent cashflow

  • Discover what an email funnel system is,how is it different from an autoresponder and why it’s so important
  • Learn what Evergreen launch is and the advantages and disadvantages over a normal launch and how it can give you a consistent cash flow
  • Tools you need to do to create an Evergreen launch
  • Build an effective evergreen launch and how to you use an autoresponder in the process

Leon Jay

Founder, FusionHQ & Sendfish

3:00 pm ET

DAY 7 – Profiting

Secrets to a winning product launch (hint: it’s your email list)

  • Grow your list specifically for your product launch
  • The #1 mistake email marketers make that you should avoid
  • If you are lazy, you should you get back into these basics
  • Email “hacks” people should look out for
  • Learn the right tools you should use, check your deliverability and how it affects you

Casey Armstrong

CEO, Full Stack Marketer

11:00 am ET

Land your dream clients and kick start the money machine

  • Understand your dream client – how to get them from Facebook and convert them
  • Increase engagement with your prospects on Facebook and get them to your landing page
  • Ways to reach new audiences using advertising
  • Learn the right kind of lead magnets to create for your audience and how you can test them
  • The social proof – get the right conversions

Sherri-Lee Woycik

Facebook Marketing Expert

12:00 pm ET

RFM score: Whales vs. Minnows to ignite super profits

  • “Whales and Minnows” – What exactly are they? And how you can identify them
  • What are the 3 ways to grow your “Whales”
  • Knowledge of email and customer segmentation to grow your business
  • Learn about TripWire marketing and the discount ladder
  • Start collecting email addresses, use these lead magnet tactics and tools

Drew Sanocki

Founding Partner, Empire Growth Group

2:00 pm ET

How to get rich: Embrace the opt-out

  • Learn from the biggest mistakes Dan made with email marketing
  • Direct response strategies Doberman Dan has successfully executed
  • How you can make sure your emails will be opened, read and acted upon
  • The most important metric to track from email marketing
  • When does an online marketer be concerned about the integration of offline marketing with online

Doberman Dan

Founder, Doberman Dan Letter

3:00 pm ET

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